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 I hate dumb people.

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PostSubject: I hate dumb people.   7/12/2011, 9:33 am

I had to work today and I was already having a bad day when it just happened to get worse. Just in case you don't know what I do, I stock shelves and bag and carry out groceries (not exactly a dream job).

Anyway I was bagging groceries for this lady and when I started she asked me to be gentle with the fruit that she was buying, now I don't have a problem with someone asking me to be careful with certain products but here's what pissed me off, she told me to keep the fruit safe about every 10 seconds. Which frankly just made me want to smash her fruit.

Now this isn't the first time people have expressed their love for fruit.

In late summer this customer was coming through the checkout (now this was like 5 minutes from closing) and the cashier which is a really nice girl in her 20s passed everything over the barcode reader thing and I was bagging, he had about 9 pieces of assorted fruit and after she rang everything up he said
"I know it's close to the end of your day but do you always just toss fruit around like that?"

He was full of crap! Mad She was doing fine.

Okay, that's mostly the kind of stuff that pisses me off at work.

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I hate dumb people.
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