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  Dumb customers.

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PostSubject: Dumb customers.   29/10/2011, 9:26 am

All right I'll start off by saying that I don't expect a tip at work just for carrying out groceries, but come on!

Okay this story is short, as it needs no setup.

While I was working it started raining really hard now normally that would be ok but this is COLD rain (what would you expect in November in Minnesota) the customer has TONS of food that I need to bag so it fills up two carts, I HAVE TO PULL TWO CARTS OUT IN THE COLD RAIN AND WHEN WE GOT TO THIS OLD FART'S CAR SHE POPS THE TRUNK AND THEN GETS IN HER CAR AND HAVE ME LOAD ALL TWO CARTS INTO HER TRUNK...AND NO TIP!!!

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Dumb customers.
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