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  Unfair being treated like crap at work help me to do someth

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PostSubject: Unfair being treated like crap at work help me to do someth   23/6/2010, 1:27 am

ok so I work for an estate agency
the other letting agent there is
hiding keys in his car to decent houses so i cant let them
taking viewings out ofmy diary so he can let them
taking properties off the list with out a reservation fee so he can let them at a later date
stealing my sales and putting his name on them
he was supposed to be training me I have told the boss but he has done nothing I found out once that the agent actually told the boss to **** off and got away with it as it was ignored by the director
Iv been told if I dont get 7 sales by the weekend im out as im on a trail still everything iss below the belt with this company i have to use my own phone to call people my own car aswell wich is ok they pay milage for me, iv had no triaing what so ever though and my boss wont help me at all, iv been offered and interview with a massive well know estate agency and im going to that today if im out ny the weekend anyway I may aswell go to the interview and try and get the job right?
My basic is 500 per month and commision on top the other company pay a 14000 basic plus commision
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Unfair being treated like crap at work help me to do someth
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