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 Review: Black (Xbox)

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PostSubject: Review: Black (Xbox)   4/12/2006, 3:06 am

Unlike my Max Payne review I just wrote this one.

Rating: M

Genre: First Person Shooter.

Controls: It uses standard FPS controls with the option to invert the look.

Story: This one has an interesting story behind it (now if you were wondering there won't be any spoilers so it's safe to read on). The is that you play as a "Black Operative" that was caught and is being interrogated by the FBI and as he (in the cutscenes) tells the cop what happened you play out what he said. Now you probably don't know what a "Black Operative" is so I shall tell you with a quote from the back of the case;"A Black Operative obeys no laws, knows no boarders, kills without mercy and lives by the 5 rules of Guncraft:
1. Guns are the stars
2. Every bullet is your baby
3. Bigger guns, louder explosions
4. Leave a trail of destruction
5.Get creative with your kills.

Graphics: The graphics in this game are way above average. The explosions (of which there are many) are beautiful and the way the sunlight peers down through a hole in the wall looks great.

Physics: Ahhhh, one of the best parts of the game are it's physics. In most parts of the game if there's a busted up wall you can use your bullets to break it down more. And when every bullet hits it shoots up a small cloud of dirt and/or dust.

Explicit Content: There's thousands of bullets that you will shoot and tens-of-thousands of bullets that will be flying at you and as much fun as that sounds to you and me I guess I have to mark it down as violence. Other that that you will here your fair share of F-words (with a rough estimate I would put it at about 20 that I heard.

The Good: Something that I noticed in the game is that enemies will try to take cover when you start shooting at them, it was very refreshing to see that in a game.

The Bad: It was hard to find it at all but at least the only problems I found are small ones. 3 things, 1. is that there's no multiplayer, this is probably the biggest problem I found with it. 2. Is that when the screen is very busy with explosions and gunfire it tends to slow down the game for a brief instant.

Bottom-line: I would recommend this title to any FPS fan; it's one of the better games I've played.


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Review: Black (Xbox)
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